Does the statement “You are a remarkable person” make you feel uncomfortable or like it cannot possibly describe you? I encourage you to take a moment to look inside of yourself and lay to rest any intrusive thoughts that you may have regarding your current financial situation, strains in your relationships or any hardships in your emotional, spiritual, or mental states. Truly use this moment to recognize and acknowledge the true beauty that is within you.

This upcoming year ASPIRE GREATNESS is not about what you do, it is about who you are. The Dream for Life team and I are looking forward to providing you with tools as you ASPIRE to GREATNESS and release hope to everyone around you.



Tyus Nedd
Executive Dream Coach

Dream for Life

We believe that in everyone is the potential to rewrite history.

Our purpose is to enrich and strengthen the future by educating, empowering and encouraging individuals and organizations to discover, rediscover, develop, and release their God-given dreams.

10 TIMES...
We equip and encourage 10X participants and young adults to transform their world.

The Five Disciplines:

1. Spiritual Transformation

2. Financial Freedom

3. Leadership Empowerment

4. Relationships Reality

5. Fitness Development