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Quarterly Friday evenings with Executive Dream
Coach and author of the new book Opportunities
Women Move Forward.
THE RALLY sessions are
specifically designed for women to come together for an exciting, inspirational, and motivational time in order to revive their dreams as well as prepare them for their present and future opportunities.

May 12, 2017 · July 21, 2017

October 20, 2017 · December 15, 2017



Women Move Forward

Opportunities: Women Go Forward is not only a book, but also a message that is right for this season. Throughout the message, Executive Dream Coach and author Tyus Nedd, brings the idea that women, young and old, must be prepared to take their place today as a seed of influence and hope for the issues of today and tomorrow.  

We believe that in everyone is the potential to rewrite history.

Our purpose is to enrich and strengthen the future by educating, empowering and encouraging individuals and organizations to discover, rediscover, develop, rediscover, develop and release their God-given dreams.

10 TIMES...
We equip and encourage 10X participants and young adults to transform their world.

The Five Disciplines:

1. Spiritual Transformation

2. Financial Freedom

3. Leadership Empowerment

4. Relationships Reality

5. Fitness Development