About Opportunities: Women Move Forward

Tyus K. Nedd, author, executive dream coach and pastor has had the privilege of experiencing 30 years of pastoral counseling as well as dream coaching women. Those occasions have enabled him to bring light to the many opportunities available to women during the various seasons in their lives. Opportunities Women Move Forward, examines the opportunities in the light of Queen Esther’s unique character traits. There are eight seeds that women must sow in preparation for their unique opportunities. As these seeds are learned, embraced and sown, Women of Opportunity will be in position for the outpouring of God’s favor.


Chapter 1

It’s a Fact | Fact Sheets

 Facts are to the mind what food is to the body.
—Edmund Burke

Susan’s Story

Concerned about her future because her marriage had been on shaky ground for months, Susan came into my office for dream coaching.  Additionally,  she had been inundated with threats of being laid off at her job and the lunchroom conversation at work was marked by anxiety due to continuous rumors about the new administration. Every  day her mother advised her to get out of her marriage. Unfortunately, Susan accepted all this negative information as fact making her feel  isolated, pessimistic, and depressed. These destructive emotions made it difficult for her to develop a personal plan to achieve her dreams.

Once I began to describe God’s plan for her life based upon promises contained in the Bible, she made a decision to accept God’s words as fact rather than the doom-and-gloom forecasts she had previously accepted as true. As a result, her feelings of depression and isolation gave way to hope and a fresh, new outlook on life.

Over time, Susan reported that she had started a new business, enrolled in university courses, and was planning a surprise weekend getaway with her husband.  She had embraced the fact that it was her opportunity to move forward and pursue her dreams.

Susan’s Story:  She was facing marital struggles as well as a job layoff.

Susan’s Opportunity:  She had an opportunity to choose between fact or fiction.

Susan’s Seed: God’s Word of Truth

Susan’s Transformation:  Her mind was renewed, and her outlook on life became bright.


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