Dream Coaching


Don’t go at it alone. As your future dream coach I will provide the support, encouragement, and structure you need as you pursue and live your dream(s).  We will use a systematic, df6 process that will allow you to clearly see where you are going.  This transformational process will give you clear vision into the Discovery, Rediscovery, Developing your Dream Map, Begin your Dream Journey, Assessing your Progress, Adjust your Dream and Live your dream(s).

The df6 process will help you determine your priorities, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Also allow you to create a dream map that will guide you as you progress toward the fulfillment of your dream(s). Accountability is factored into the plan along with guiding action steps that will enable you to achieve your dream(s).  Finally, your dream will go through the assessing and adjusting stage where you have something to live until you fulfill your dream

For your own personal dream coach sessions, executive dream coaching or attended group sessions, please contact Teresa Western by telephone or email at: 614.985.5001 or Operations@TyusNedd.com.

“Most people don’t fail because they want to fail; they fail because they don’t know how to succeed.”                                                  –Anonymous